Frequently Asked Questions


How is FlightAppeal different from other aerial video services?

Simply put, our business model is different. While we specialize in providing readily available, high quality video solutions for your listings, our videos are not focused on a specific address, but instead highlight specific communities, neighborhoods, nearby recreation facilities, schools, shopping centers and points of attraction. This allows the listing agent to select the best videos to show case their property to the demographic they are marketing to.

How does the service work?

Once a solution is created for you, as an individual, or a package for your whole brokerage, you will be able to log in with your custom login to select the video you need for you listing. Do you have multiple listings, download a video for each, it is all a part of your membership.

Can it be that simple? Yes… yes, it can.

Why can’t I just buy a drone and film my own listings?

You certainly could, but it would be in violation of FAA requirements of being a licensed drone operator for commercial use. The FAA views the use of drone videos, even if used to market your own listing, as financial gain and therefore as a commercial use. Selling property is a much better use of your time than dealing with government red tape and FAA fines that will far exceed your sales commission. Leave the flying to us.

When shooting a custom video, are you insured?

Individual drone operators are expected to carry their own insurance. While no one anticipates a problem, occasionally things outside our control can go wrong. Each pilot should plan accordingly.

Can I use these videos for future listings?

We are focused on being good partners with our clients, we ask the same in return. For future listings, you will need to download a new video. Not only is it the right thing to do, but our library will be updated as needed as areas develop and those areas change.

I am a broker, can I arrange memberships for the agents in my office?

Of course! Brokers are our main focus as FlightAppeal is aimed at providing your agents affordable, high quality, video solutions for their listings. With broker partners, we will develop a custom solution for your office and agents needs.

I am a commercial real estate broker, can I use your service as well?

Certainly! While the focus is of FlightAppeal is currently residential listings, we recognize the need for the commercial market as well and can work with you to create a solution for your needs as well.

Can FlightAppeal create a custom video for my listing?

FlightAppeal.com is currently focused on continuing to develop our overall service to our members and partners. We want the best for our members and would put you in contact with one of our professional partners to fulfill your custom video needs.

Do I need to be a member to purchase videos?

Yes. FlightAppeal is a membership based service. You will  need to be maintain an active membership to log in and utilize videos. If you are interested in our service, we would be delighted to create a custom membership package for your brokerage.

As a member, is there a limit to the number of videos my brokerage can download?

Not per se. The realtors in your brokerage are free to use as many videos as they need for their individual listings. We are here to support our realtors and their sales needs but a full list of terms of service are noted here.